Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Being an X-Men fan since childhood, I was really excited to know that the X-Men movie adaptations would not end at the 'X-Men: Last Stand'. But when I knew that it was Wolverine who will be the focus or center of the movie, my excitement was lessened a bit because I am personally not a Wolverine fan.

The trailer for the movie restored back all my excitement, and the movie itself killed me. It was really good! Not too dramatic, and it was action-packed! The story was changed a bit, as compared to the original story found in the Comics. But for me, it was really effective because they were able to play around with the dramatic alternatives more. The movie actually made me appreciate the story line of Wolverine, and the character itself.

We were able to watch it in the Promenade, Greenhills together with Kuya, Ate Mae, and Ate Babie.

When we got home, I remembered that I had a "Wolverine" picture when I was still very young, and immediatley rummaged through our old, dusty and massive albums. And yes, I found it haha!

Taken in Alabama, USA, 1993.

Our X-Men hype did not end there. Me, Ate Mae (Kuya's GF), and Kuya, being silly as we are, decided to create our own X-Men "poster". hahaha

(L-R): Ate Mae as White Queen, Kuya as Wolverine, Me as Gambit

There's another version of this, having me as Sabretooth, but I'm too shy to post it. hahaha!

Okay, you can laugh now :p


  1. haha hindi halata na natuwa ka sa movie and hindi din halata na fan kyo and hindi din halata na gustong gusto mo c Wolverine :)

  2. @ joyce:
    haha actually di ko masyado gusto si wolverine, si kuya ang may fave dun haha.

    @ MM:
    haha oo :p

  3. haha i love this, man! fun!