Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vivir en otro país

Wow, it's been a long, long time since I updated this -- mainly because I don't have very interesting topics to blog about. And another, when I want to share something, I usually just Plurk (yes, I think micro-blogging sites make people lazier haha) it.

I read from another person's blog about his "adventure" to the U.K. From what I understood, he got there through a scholarship grant. So I got inspired to post something about traveling and living in another place (which is also an option I can settle for, but I'm not too keen about it for now, at least).

Let's just say that I kinda envy him for having the courage and sense of adventure in his being, for wading through an entirely different land, and living with different people bearing a different culture from ours (I heard people from the UK are more discriminating than Americans). Part of me wants to maximize the Green Card I have, but a bigger part of me is very anxious in carrying that out. Anxious because I do not know how I would start a new life in the US if ever I settle for that option. I guess I'll have to see how things will go after I apply in January 2011 for this thing I wanna do.