Sunday, April 19, 2009

All Tossed Up

I feel caught up in the middle of things.

I shall refer once again to this blogsite title of mine, Salad. I feel like my life is a huge salad, in the sense that I can see different opportunities being laid out in front of me, just like how a salad bears all those ingredients. Every single piece is unique and inviting in its own way.

I have been beginning to accept the reason as to why I am very choosy with work, or as to why I still do not have work up to now. And I think that the reason is I still do not want to work. That simple. Why was I applying before, you might ask? Well I think it's a result of mixed feelings of pressure that my peers already have work, and desire to have my own money to spend on personal things. But as what things seem to be right now, I don't think that these reasons are enough to land me a career in the Corporate World.

So right now, I am not as enthusiastic in job seeking as before, but I still consider applying to those companies that I would like to work for. Everytime I reason out to my Mom that I prefer working over going to Med School, she brandishes me with different reasons for me to think otherwise, and it's really not helping. I feel like I'm heading nowhere, for her reasons are equally drawing. I actually feel a bit envious to those who have started to engage in the path they more or less envision themselves to be in for the rest of their lives. I wish them the best.

Work, study, or whatever.... I just wanna say, "Come what may, World!".

My apologies, if this post seem to be a bit incoherent.


  1. finally!! Now I have someone who has the same feeling! ako rin! I don't feel like working. I don't know why. pero on your part ok lang. bata ka pa ako matanda na! kakainis! and yeah, peer pressure, etc. noon i wanted to work na pero lately, i feel like, BLAHHHHHHHH. ayaw ko pa. and I really wanted my own business/shop. but we'll see diba? or i'm just stupidly waiting for that job...

  2. haha di ka pa matanda no! :D Bata pa tayong dalawa :D haha

    Hay oo nga eh... Right after I graduated, I really wanted to work agad. At least you have your business, diba :) Galing nga eh! haha.

    Ngayon medyo pinagsisisihan ko yung iba kong pinalampas. Hay. Kung magwowork ako gusto ko malapit na lang sa bahay para di hassle. Nairita nga ako nung nalaman ko na di ko pinansin yung isang company, eh napakalapit pala sa bahay namin. Kaasar.

    I'm sure makukuha mo rin yung gusto mo soon :)

  3. @red hindi exactly business eh! sideline alng. ako rin.. mejo sisi rin ako. ako rin gus2 ko malapit para no hassle lalo na pag eto rainy season pag umuulan. i know i can drive but i think im not ready to drive.

  4. grabe tammy parehas na parehas tayo! haha! I know how to drive rin pero I don't have the courage to do so on the streets of manila! haha!

    Oo nga, sobrang convenient talaga pag malapit sa house yung work :(