Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to Square One

Graduating from one of the Top Universities of the Country, I have always been positive and confident that I would land myself on a very prosperous career path. That has always been my defense everytime my parents would open up talks regarding our future migration to the U.S. I always say that I don't see the reason for leaving, as I know that my future will be bright here in the Philippines. I try to persuade them and tell them of all my dreams and ambitions for myself and for our family.

I had high ambitions for myself. And these ambitions of mine sometimes lead me to undermining certain jobs which I find too mediocre for me to take on. I know. How dare I judge? I have always been quick to judge when it comes to job applications. When I see that the workplace of a certain company looks distasteful, my desire to continue my application with that company quickly goes away.

Maybe more determination is what I need. I want to be faced with more reasons to work, and I think I have found these reasons. Just this week, I found out that my "chance" for Med School has poofed. My name was not included in the list of wait-listed applicants. Now why am I affected even if I really don't want to go to Med School? Well I think it's because I know that I will be disappointing a lot of my relatives, as they want me to enter Med School. Secondly, maybe because I still think that studying is more fun than working simply because you don't have to worry of earning money for yourself or your family. Third, a profession in the Field of Medicine will surely give me a wonderful life -- all that wealth, prestige, and good reputation.

Well, that's God's Will. I should just accept that. Disappointments are never uncommon, anyway.

Yes, I am back to square one. With my career options narrowed down, re-thinking must be done again. And I am now considering these jobs which I didn't imagine myself in. I hate being judged for things that I do or in this case, the job that I might be having. But what the heck? It's a job, and it's offered by a very stable and prestigious company. Being choosy is just not what I need to be right now.

Things are still uncertain. I have yet to attend the interview. We'll see from there.


  1. Good luck good luck Red :) Really! You can do it :)

  2. @ Joyce: Thanks, Joyce! Good luck rin sayo! :D

  3. for interview ka na ulit sa ibm?

  4. @ fatima: hindi. I doubt kung ma re-hire ako dun

  5. you will always be judged by no matter who or what. That same goes for me. good luck on everything, red. As for me... i'm thinking of getting another office for the Nth time.

  6. @Neinei: Yeah, you're right. Di nga siguro maaalis satin ang pagjujudge.

    Good luck to us! Thanks :)