Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going Up

It's been a while since I last updated this. I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to put into writing, but I was just too lazy to blog it, and I just ended up plurking them.

I want to be direct this time. I feel that I am not in the greatest of moods lately. I guess this is because I still have no clear pictures of what I am going to be in the very, very near future. I do have plans, but here I am doubting every single one of them. And I really am starting to hate myself for that. The plan of pursuing medicine is still there, but I feel it's dwindling -- it's not as strong as before. I think this is brought about issues on financial assurance and other internal issues I have.

With that, I am again thinking of back-up plans. So IF I won't go for med, what else can I do? I guess I can look for Master's Programs that would suit me. I was thinking of Clinical Psychology, but I'm not yet firm about it. If I take that track, and finish it, I guess I could try teaching? I don't think doing psychotherapy would be profitable here in the Philippines. I could use my US immigrant status to work in the US, but I can't imagine myself braving the new environment there yet.

There's office work I could try, but I don't find it appealing (at least I'm sure of that).

Hay... I really don't know.

As what Thea have said, I will soon find out what would suit me. I just hope it comes to me real soon, like tomorrow!

I came across Prof. Marshall Valencia's (my psychology professor) facebook status, and it said, "

" "Mistakes" in life are not due to WRONG DECISIONS... it's mostly due to INDECISIONS... kaya strike while the iron is hot, seize the day, carpe diem, just do it, don't look anymore just jump, haste doesn't waste, risk!"

It hit me big time. I guess the reason why I am afraid of doing or trying out a lot of things is that I am really afraid of failure. This facebook update inspired me. I really can't be afraid forever. I agree that I should take more risks from now on.