Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Official Opening

So, I'm back into blogging again, after quite a number of years of stopping due to very busy school work loads, and other circumstances. Hopefully, I would be able to maintain this blog.

Please do bear with the 'look & feel" of my current blog, as I am still trying to figure out on how to make it give out a more "bloggy" feeling. I think you know what I mean.

I had a blog before in Xanga, entitled "day-2-day trash". I know, sounds inviting, right? Nah. The whole theme of that blog is even so dark and heavy, so right now I'm trying to keep things cool and simple to the eyes. I don't even know why I named it that one. I tried visiting that blog a couple of weeks ago, and I found myself so ashamed of what I have been posting in public. I can't believe that I have thought that way during my college years. I just find it so weird, and somehow immature (well I can't say that my blog posts this time would be mature enough to read).

Anyway, I would like to acquaint everyone with my blog title, "Word Salad". I have first heard of this term in one of my Psychology Classes. This coined-up term refers to a mixture of seemingly meaningful words, that actually mean nothing (Wikipedia, 2009). So it's like a blabber of words, which you won't be able to derive a meaning or association from. But of course, this blog won't live up to its name. It's just like the point of the title of my previous blog, "day-2-day trash", the posts are ironic to its title.

So there, with this introduction, if I may call it, my blog is officially.... open? :p

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